MedEx is a patient-centered pharmacy devoted to supplying medications to people in the community, as well as residents of assisted living facilities, long term care facilities, and retirement homes.   

As a community pharmacy, MedEx offers all of the traditional services of a local pharmacy and more.  You will find that your prescriptions will be filled by our staff quickly, reliably, and accurately.  Simply bring in your prescriptions and we will fill them for you, or call ahead with your refill number and come in at your convenience to pick up your medication.  Our pharmacy also offers a wide variety of over-the-counter medications to suit nearly all of your non-prescription needs.

As a “closed door” or long term care pharmacy, MedEx can provide unique specialized medication packaging to suit each patient’s individual needs. 

Both patients and their families can now experience peace of mind in knowing that medications are packaged in a system that provides the correct medication at the right time.  In addition, since a consultant pharmacist will monitor each patient’s prescriptions, we can suggest cost-saving alternatives to your doctor as well as assist with obtaining insurance coverage for non-covered items.

Unlike some pharmacy services, MedEx does not restrict the use of prescription discount cards, and we accept most insurance cards, including Champus-Tricare and all Medicare Part D prescription cards.


MedEx Pharmacy offers free delivery to local customers and facilities during every open business day. 


MedEx pharmacists monitor the control, distribution, and administration of medication within the long-term-care facility, assist in compliance with state and federal regulations, and provide therapeutic monitoring with drug utilization review services.  Once a prescription order is received, a patient care specialist will enter the order into our pharmacy data system.  Our system then checks for potentially adverse interactions with other medications the patient is receiving.  Patient specific allergies are automatically reviewed and the prescription is released into our Prospective Drug Utilization Review Department where a pharmacist will review the order prior to dispensing.


In order to reduce administration errors and save nursing administration time, MedEx pharmacy utilizes a “Unit Dose” or specialized packaging system for long-term-care facilities.  MedEx offers four types of specialized medication packaging, each designed for the particular needs of the facility and patient.  Since all of our medications are in sealed packages, we can often allow for unused or discontinued prescriptions to be credited, thereby reducing the overall pharmacy cost to the patient.  In addition, any new medication orders or dosage changes are done immediately and delivered to the patient or facility in time for the next scheduled dose.


MedEx Pharmacies consultant pharmacist will review each patient’s medication regimen to assess the appropriateness and efficacy of prescription drug therapies, including a review of drug interactions and monitoring of lab results.

When appropriate, the consultant pharmacist will recommend alternate therapies or discontinuing unnecessary prescriptions, as well as recommendations for less expensive alternatives.  Our pharmacist participates on the Pharmacy and Therapeutics and Quality Assurance committees which monitor the facilities drug administration systems and practices.  MedEx Pharmacy provides facilities with computerized medical records and documentation on a monthly basis.

Our monthly management and quality assurance reports combined with our unit dose delivery system enables the facility to meet its patients’ prescription needs at the lowest price and  satisfy state and federal requirements.